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Dirk Dirksen
Phone: 541.922.4016


On behalf of Morrow County School District and administrators I extend a sincere “welcome to all students, parents, teachers and support staff!”  We are excited about the opportunities for the education of our students as they anticipate the first day of school on Monday, August 28th.

The Morrow County School Districts Mission Statement is to work in partnership with families and communities, in order to provide each student the opportunity to develop values, knowledge, skills and self-confidence to become life-long learners and responsible citizens. Our school district excels above many others because our parents, teachers, staff and community do a remarkable job of supporting our students and setting high expectations.

Over the summer we have been preparing to meet the educational challenges of this new school year for an enrollment that will exceed 2200 students. We have focused on staffing; reviewing data and determining school improvement plans; cleaning, painting and preparing our school buildings; providing professional training activities for teachers, administrators , and support staff; and purchasing and receiving instructional materials, supplies and textbooks.

We know that our students can compete with their peers across the state and country, as evidenced by the many state and national academic awards they have accumulated in recent years. Our high school graduates continue to receive scholarship awards each year and have been offered enrollment at highly respected colleges and universities across the United States including trade schools.  Students earned more than 2000 college credits during the 2016/17 school year in dual credit, Eastern Promise and online options.

Through a variety of means such as newspaper, website, telephone messages, Apps, newsletters and key communication groups, we are increasing communication among the home, school, and the community. Throughout the year our automated telephone message system will provide parents important information. Please keep your student’s contact information current, so you will be able to receive this communication. Our district and school building websites will be continually updated with information for parents and students.

Morrow County School District’s commitment to the communities we serve is to love and care about our students and to do everything we can to ensure each student’s academic and extracurricular success. We want our students to know how much it matters to us that they possess character, integrity and purpose for their lives.

We know that our students will someday graduate and leave our district. In doing so, we want to have confidence that we have prepared them well to be trustworthy, hard-working, wise and capable of honorable service to their family, community and nation.

If you have any specific school-related questions, the staff at your child’s school is ready to assist you in a friendly and efficient manner. Together we can work to accomplish the mission of the Morrow County School District-providing educational excellence for all students.

Dirk Dirksen