SIOP Staff Development

Morrow County School District embraces the philosophy that the professional development of their employees is essential in a rapidly changing society. To ensure that the District is encouraging the best classroom teaching methodologies, Morrow County School District has adopted a Best Practices Staff Development Program for their educators and administrators.

Central to the Best Practices Program is the Sheltered Instruction (SIOP) model. As a model of good teaching for all employees, SIOP is a research-based approach that will enhance and expand teacher's instructional practice. Providing a framework for well-prepared and well-delivered lessons, the SIOP approach helps educators make content comprehensible, thus enhancing learning outcomes from their students.

Blank SIOP Documents

Lesson Plan Helpers

Sample Lesson Plans

Why SIOP for Morrow County School District?

  • Research-based best practice instructional program that has taken a century worth of effective teaching strategies (ITIP, Sheltered Instruction, Differentiated instruction, Hunter, Collaborative Learning, etc) and combined them all into one proven model.
  • Proven effective for ELL and students of poverty who struggle in language skills.
  • Provides a helpful framework for lesson preparation and delivery.
  • Focuses on literacy development across all curriculums.
  • Provides a common language amongst staff and students.
  • Focus our professional development district-wide.
  • Provides instructional support for new teachers.
  • Work toward building a culture in Morrow County of collaboration, teamwork, reflection, and professionalism.