Safety Measures at our Schools

MCSD would like our families to know that we take safety seriously and have several preventative measures in place in our schools that provide for the safety of our students and staff. 

Report Bullying/Safety Concerns

Safety Measures

Here are a few of the safety measures we have in place:

  1. Each school in our district has a comprehensive Emergency Plan that was developed in conjunction with input from our local law enforcement agencies (Boardman police and Morrow County Sheriff Office) both organizations have building blueprints and access into our school buildings.
  2. We conduct safety drills on a monthly basis (such as fire, lockdown, shelter-in-place, etc.) including at least 2 lockdown drills every year.  All of our schools have already done at least one lockdown drill this school year.  As a result of our meeting we will update and review our intruder alert protocols as well as conduct a table top exercise with school officials and building staff in conjunction with emergency responders (fire, police, sheriff).
  3. Over the past year, MCSD has made it a priority to expend funds related to ensuring that every building has video surveillance.   Another focus is that buildings have web based electronic access control where first responders and school officials have access to the cameras via the internet.  Plans are in place to ensure this project is complete by the end this summer.
  4. All Elementary schools currently have a single access point at the front door next to the main office and all schools require that visitors sign in at the main office to account for who is in our building. We also require families, approved custodial guardian to check out students from our schools and will verify prior to releasing students.  Our goal is to find ways to improve security around main entry access similar in our secondary schools. 
  5. To improve security in our schools exterior and interior doors locks will be looked at and evaluated.
  6. All schools have security alarms when buildings are not occupied motion detectors, door alarms and glass breakage alarms protect public property and ensure that no hazardous materials can be placed in our schools.

How Can You Help:

  1. One of the best deterrents to a crisis is alert and caring adults.  We can have great technology, good security procedures and well planned lock down drills yet the most effective safety measures are often observation and communication among students, staff and parents.   Talk to your children about the importance of “Breaking the Code of Silence.”  If you or your children see, have knowledge of, hear, or receive a threat of serious injury, whether verbal, written or symbolic, report it immediately, make a call to school officials or law enforcement.
  2. When visiting our schools, please sign in at the office, wear the badge issued to you, and sign out and return the badge when you leave.

Thank you for caring about the safety & security of our students and staff.