Professional Learning Communities

Big 3 Ideas:

  1. Focus on Learning (PDF) - PLC’s Focus on Learning rather than Teaching
  2. Collaboration (PDF) - Teachers, administrators, parents and students work together to seek out best practices, test them in the classroom, continuously improve processes and focus on results.
  3. Focus on Results - We hold each other accountable for results

Fundamental Assumptions:

  • What we do makes a difference - We can make our schools more effective
  • Improving our knowledge is the key to improving our schools
  • Significant school improvement will impact teaching and learning

4 Critical Questions to Guide PLC’s:

Question 1- What knowledge and skills do we expect all students to learn?

Question 2- How will we know that students have learned it?

Question 3- How will we intervene when students do not learn?

  • Differentiated instruction, lab class, after school programs, school day intervention programs, Pyramid of Interventions,  RTI

Question 4.  How will we extend or enrich students that are above level?

  • Differentiated instruction and extension activities, enrichment opportunities