Mentor Teacher Program

Morrow County School District embraces the philosophy that mentor teacher programs are pivotal to new teacher retention and professional development. Whether these employees are teachers new to the profession, or veteran teachers new to the district, Morrow County will offer professional support and development throughout their first year and beyond to assist their professional growth.

New Teacher Orientation Training

  • All new hires will participate in a ½ day new teacher orientation training in early to mid-August: This training will cover the following:
  • Important employee process and procedures related to how to where they can get support as it relates to their contract, salary, and insurance/benefits information:
  • Review of District teacher evaluation Process
  • SIOP professional development/Overview:

School-site Mentor Programs

The Morrow County School District administrative team must work with school staff to create mentor teams. Please use a “traditional mentor program” model where new teachers are paired with a veteran peer.

  • The new teachers will be provided with a formal mentor or peer that will serve as a support for the new employee.
  • The principal will work with Mentor group to provide necessary resources to allow for release time, travel time, Focus is to revolve around classroom management, curriculum, instruction, assessment or professional development training linked to district and site based goals.
  • Mentor/Mentee can have 1 day of release time to attend PD that will support the mentee, or complete site visit of other schools, or observe other teachers in the building, or work on needs of mentee. Any combination of the above during the course of 1 day or 2 half days will be acceptable.
  • Mentor/Mentee can have 2 days of pay to work with one another. Together they must complete a Smart Goal to focus areas of concern, action steps to take, as well as monitor growth throughout the school year.
  • Mentor and Mentee will submit a time sheet to the Assistant Superintendent for hours worked each month. Mentor/Mentee cannot submit for more than 16 hours total for the entire school year.
  • The goal is to insure new teacher success. Mentor programs will be evaluated by End of year reflection meeting with the principal and one page summary written by mentor and mentee to measure effectiveness and help guide program adjustments.