English Language Learners Program


The Morrow County School District ELL Program describes how students whose home language or primary language which is not English, will be guaranteed access to all educational programs and services. It is designed to implement content-based ELL instruction grounded in what is known about language acquisition and cognitive development. It is meant as a guide for all teachers working directly with ELL students, the administrators responsible for the program, and the parents or guardians interested in the improvement of education for ELL students in Morrow County School District. The goal for the Morrow County School District is to develop English competence for effective participation in school and society.

English Language Learners (ELL) Program Vision

The Morrow County School District ELL Program empowers student learners to achieve academic success through developing general American English language skills.

Morrow county School District is committed to providing appropriate educational services for language minority students. The ELL Program was created to meet the unique needs of Limited English Proficient (LEP) students and to maximize the educational options available to them.

The ELL Program serves students who have been identified as limited English proficient. The program provides a continuum of educational opportunities designed to enable each language minority student full access, and effective participation in the district's extended educational programs.

English Language Learners Program Philosophy

We believe that students learn English best using a variety of researched-based methods. Our program uses ESL and sheltered teaching with various supports for the success of the ELL students. In situations where the case be warranted, a Pullout program may be used to serve students at sites where the numbers are limited.