MCSD Staff Hotline

This form is for staff only.

All others, please use the SafeOregon hotline to report concerns.

Wrongdoing such as harassment, discrimination, drug and/or alcohol abuse, theft, fraud, violence, unsafe acts, and misrepresenting a worker's compensation claim will not be tolerated in the workplace. Through a secure server on the district's Web Portal, you will be able to report workplace wrongdoing without giving your name or identifying yourself in any way; however, you must give enough information to ensure that your concerns can be addressed. A notification will be sent by confidential e-mail to a member of the Collective Risk Management Team. The CRM Team is assembled and the team members then decide the appropriate course of action. This collective decision-making process addresses the "should have known" standard, reduces allegations of bias and provides a methodic, uniform risk management system for the organization.