State Report Card Results: Riverside Jr/Sr High

report card

The Oregon Department of Education released school report cards last week, and Riverside Jr/Sr High School received high marks. In an area with a growing student population, the school is also seeing growing success on the report card. Riverside Jr/Sr High School students scored well above the state average in nearly every area addressed by the state. 

An area to highlight is the success of keeping freshman on track. The report card shows that 90% of freshman last year were on track. This has been a trend in recent years for 90% or more of Riverside freshman to be on track for graduation. According to David Norton, Riverside principal, this is due to a collaborative effort between students, staff and parents to meet the needs of students. 

The success of freshman on track has led to a continued increase in the on-time graduation rate of Riverside seniors. The state report card shows that the graduation rate is 93% for the graduating class of 2018 -- a 7% increase from the previous year. “We work closely with parents, staff and wraparound services to meet students’ needs to help them meet graduation requirements,” Norton said. “We are excited to see that these collaborative efforts have proven to be successful, and that our graduation rate is above 90%.”

Riverside is also above the state average for Regular Attenders at 81% and Five-Year Completion at 89%. The only area Riverside is below state average in was College Going at 37%. This is for students who enroll in two- or four- year colleges within one year of completing high school. The 37% is an increase from the year prior. Norton said it is important to point out that the last two graduating classes from Riverside had 13 students who graduated with their AAOT (Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer) degrees from Blue Mountain Community College the same year they graduated from high school. In addition, the two graduating classes have a combined 2,350 college credits earned during high school.

Morrow County School District administrators realize that success in high school starts with early learning, even before kindergarten. It’s also a community effort between students, their families and community partners who support education efforts every step of the way.

Principal Norton said the staff at Riverside are excited about the growth and success of their students and school. “We will continue to work together with students, staff and community partners to meet the needs of students and provide the best opportunities for them possible.”

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