Morrow County School District 2021 Bond

Morrow County School District is working with Karen Montovino with The DLR Group in preparation of a Bond proposal.  We have formed community advisory groups that will work with DLR Group to discuss district needs and a vision of what the Bond could look like. 

2019 – 2020 School Year



DLR Meeting with Board

Vision for Workshops


Advisory Workshop #1 by DLR

Riverside JS High hosted by Mary/Marcie


Advisory Workshop #2 by DLR

Heppner JS High hosted by Brian/Barney/Becky


Advisory Workshop #3 by DLR

AC Houghton Elementary hosted by Richard/Marcie/Brian


Advisory Workshop #4 by DLR

Sam Boardman Elementary hosted by Mary


Advisory Workshop #5 by DLR

Heppner Elementary hosted by Barney/Andy/Becky


Present Draft to Board

Irrigon Elementary - April Board Meeting


Community Listening Sessions

Hosted in Each Community by DLR Group


Advisory Workshop #6 by DLR

Irrigon JS High hosted by all Board Members

Karen Montovino is an experienced architect and facilities planner with demonstrated expertise in leading the programming, planning, and educational specification processes.  She excels in community engagement, outreach programs, facilities planning and design workshops, and community presentations.  Karen’s recent work includes pre-bond planning, bond assistance, community outreach, facility master planning, and development of educational specification for more than 30 school districts in the Pacific Northwest.  Her leadership has played a key role in supporting successful bond efforts, resulting in improved learning environments for students and staff across Oregon.

If you have questions related to the Bond process, please contact Brandi Sweeney, Maintenance Coordinator at 541-676-5705. 

Release Date