Morrow Academy Proved Successful Last School Year

logo of morrow academy

The first year of Morrow Academy, the district’s online learning program, proved to be a success for students during 2017-18.

The program allows K-12 students in the district to take online courses, either full time or a combination of online and classes at their own school. Last school year, there were 43 full-time online students and 19 students taking a blend of online and on-campus courses.

These students had a graduation rate of 80%.

The advantage of Morrow Academy is that MCSD students have online learning opportunities, but remain enrolled in the district, so they can participate in sports, music, field trips, school events and graduate with their class. “Morrow Academy offers a great balance for students who want online learning, but also want to remain connected to the traditional experience at their school building,” said Marie Shimer, Educational Services Director.

There are some new aspects of the program for the 2018-19 school year: the district has added a secondary teacher, Betsy Shane, to be a math teacher and academic coach. There will be more courses designed and taught locally by teachers, and the district will be streamlining the attendance process.

For more information about Morrow Academy or to register, please contact Marie Shimer at 541-922-4016. Information can also be found on the MCSD website.

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