District Celebrates Improved Graduation Rate

diploma and mortar board

On Thursday, January 23, The Oregon Department of Education released graduation rates for school districts in Oregon. These are 2018-19 graduation rates.

The Morrow County School District improved its overall graduation rate by more than five percentage points, from 82.86% in 2017-18 to 88.02% for 2018-19. This is the four-year cohort rate, which means students who earned their regular diplomas within four years of high school. The 2018-19 four-year cohort consists of students who first entered high school in 2015-16.

ODE also reported the four-year cohort completer rate, which includes students who earned a standard high school diploma, as well as those who were awarded an extended high school diploma, adult high school diploma, or GED (General Education Diploma), within the four years being measured. Morrow County’s four-year completer rate is 92.81%. Dirk Dirksen, district superintendent, said the district had seven students who earned their GEDs and are included in that rate.

Here are graduation rates for individual MCSD high schools:

                                             4-Year Rate              4-Year Completer Rate

Irrigon Jr/Sr High                  89.83                          94.92

Heppner Jr/Sr High              97.30                          97.30

Riverside Jr/Sr High             96.30                          98.15

District                                  88.02                          92.81

Dirksen said that while the district is well above the state average for graduation, they continue to focus on strategies to improve graduation outcomes. “Our staff and partner agencies focus a lot of attention on making positive connections with students and families and addressing individual student needs.”

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