Adolescent Well Care Exams Offered

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Announcement to Students and Parents/Guardians

The Morrow County School District strongly encourages students and parents/guardians to schedule an adolescent well care exam appointment (which satisfies “sport physical” requirement) throughout the spring and summer months to be prepared for the 2018-19 school year.

Morrow County Health District and Columbia River Health will be providing exams for youth ages 12-21.

Columbia River Health, Boardman (541) 481-7212
Pioneer Memorial Clinic,Heppner (541) 676-5504
Ione Community Clinic (541) 422-7128
Irrigon Medical Clinic (541) 922-5880

Why are wellness exams important? Physical, social and emotional changes during adolescence increase the need for continuous, comprehensive preventive services and adolescents are laying the foundation for lifestyle and behaviors that persist into adulthood.

The American Medical Association’s Guidelines for Adolescent Preventive Services, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Bright Futures Guidelines, and the American Academy of Pediatrics all recommend comprehensive annual check-ups for adolescents. Adolescents who can easily access preventive health services are more likely to be healthy!

What can you expect during an exam? During the appointment, the health care professional conducts a comprehensive exam which addresses physical, behavioral and oral health. This is a great time for adolescents and their parents to talk with the health care provider about any concerns they might have.

What is the cost of the AWC exam? Morrow County health care providers care about you, your family and community and ensure that every adolescent age 12-21 has the opportunity to receive an exam. No insurance is required, but i the patient has insurance, the insurance will be billed, and the balance, if any, will not be charged to the patient. There will be no out of pocket cost to you.

Read this announcement in Spanish (PDF).

Here is the flyer in English.
Here is the flyer in Spanish.

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