About Morrow County School District

Morrow County School District is located in rural north central Oregon. Morrow County is bordered on the north by the beautiful Columbia River and by the Umatilla National Forest on the southern border.  The county encompasses more than 2,000 square miles with a growing population of over 11,000 in the four main communities of Boardman and Irrigon, along the Columbia River, and Heppner and Lexington, in the foothills of the Blue Mountains.

As one of the largest wheat producing areas in the nation, the county’s economy is rooted in agriculture.  Major industries include timber, energy, food processing and agriculture such as potatoes, corn, watermelons, grapes, wheat, canola, sheep and cattle.  A mild dry climate with plenty of sunshine offers lots of outdoor opportunities for summer and winter activities, including skiing, snowmobiling, water sports, sailing, hiking, hunting, fishing and golf.

The people of Morrow County School District have a passion for the education of all children.  Our communities care about and support their schools.  Morrow County Schools serve almost 2,280 K-12 students with three elementary schools, two intermediate schools, three high schools, and one alternative school including a full service-online school.  The student population in Boardman and Irrigon is diverse and growing.  The largest minority group is Hispanic.  Schools in Heppner are smaller and have more stable student populations. 

The dedicated seven member board, together with teachers and staff, works very hard to prepare Morrow County students for the 21st Century and to make parents and patrons proud to call Morrow County home.