Morrow County School District Goals for 2016-17

Goal 1:

During the 2016-17 school year, Morrow County School District (MCSD) students in grades 3-11 will demonstrate achievement growth proportionate or above their peers at all levels as measured by the SMARTER BALANCE exam. Ultimately, this will support MCSD students in meeting essential skills/graduation requirements.

Goal 2:

Develop and foster strong communication practices that support the district’s mission and goals with all stakeholder populations. MCSD will build trust and improve partnerships with communities, including parents, business, civic and cultural groups through the use of social media. MCSD will look to develop a transparent and consistent communication system that keeps stakeholders informed and connected to important news and events in our school district.

Goal 3:

Maintain a strong financial management plan that supports staying current with infrastructure and providing diverse learning opportunities for students.