District Releases Results of Testing for Radon in Schools

Between October 20, 2016 and October 24, 2016, PBS Engineering and Environmental (PBS) performed radon testing in nine school buildings throughout the Morrow County School District. The purpose of this testing was to document radon levels in the buildings in accordance with guidelines set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for radon in schools. Each of the school buildings was occupied at the time of the testing event.

A total of 267 radon test kits were placed throughout classrooms and other areas in the school buildings. Air Chek, Inc. test kits are a short-term radon test measuring radon levels over approximately four days.

Laboratory analysis determined that all tests were below the EPA level for acceptable radon in buildings, which is 4.0 picocuries per liter (pCi/L). The lab indicated that no follow-up testing is required at this time.

A copy of the full report on radon testing and results can be viewed at the district office, located at 235 E. Stansbury street in Heppner, 541-676-9128 and on the district website at www.morrow.k12.or.us. For questions or more information about the district radon testing, contact Jan Huddleston at janice.huddleston@morrow.k12.or.us.

“The Morrow County School District is pleased to have completed this radon testing and to communicate to our students and families that radon levels are within acceptable limits in our school buildings,” said Dirk Dirksen, Superintendent of MCSD.